The Sacred Willow is an online supply shop for Wiccans, pagans and witches alike.  We are a small business based in Australia and we specialise in spiritual, pagan and witchcraft supplies with one of the largest ranges in Australia.

We specialise in Australian witchcraft and Wiccan supplies and have a huge range of items in our store for all your spell and ritual work.

Our small business has been operating since 2012 and is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.  The Sacred Willow emerged from a passion for everything Wiccan, metaphysical, New Age, pagan, witchcraft and spiritual and what better way to share our knowledge than to bring you products to help you on your spiritual path.

Our items are in stock and ready to ship to you within 2 business days.   We are proud to be a small family business and strive to offer our customers amazing products and a diverse range of magick supplies, including hand made witchcraft supplies from local, Australian pagans.

Throughout our website you will find Wiccan supplies, Shamanic tools, home wares, crystals, altar cloths, incense, essential oils, candle magic, herbs and altar tools including athames, cauldrons, wands, chalices and altar tiles. We also offer an ever expanding range of Hoodoo, conjure and Voodoo products including ritual colognes and waters.

We welcome beginners to advanced pracitioners and strive to provide information through our online blog where you will find information on everything from recipes to magical spells and how to celebrate the sabbats in Australia.

We love what we do and we hope that you love our witchcraft shop too. )0(

You can also find out more about our Sustainable Business Practices as well as how we give back with Philanthropy.

The Scared Willow
Courtney Stark

Assorted Magical Goodies, Cauldrons, Herbs, Altar Tools, Voodoo Supplies, Tapestries, incense and Resins
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