Each year we have a theme for the ritual as its responsibility passes from the hands of the masculine to the feminine, this year’s theme is “The Divine Within”

Join with us in a celebration of the old ways.

Where we embrace the Divine within, and together we Dance the Beltane Fire and honour the connectedness of all life. 


Beltane Fire Festival is a Weekend of Celebration

At Rocky Creek Camp Grounds – Beerwah (Landsborough)

8th 9th & 10th November 2024

With on-site camping, music, stalls, exhibits, entertainment, speakers and workshops.

On Saturday night a Community Feast and Fire Ceremony.

Come and join us as we celebrate and reconnect with the Magic of Community

Some of the weekends Entertainment 

Check back with us over the next couple of months as we update our headline acts.

In the meantime the usual events list below will be better than ever



WENDY RULE was our 2023 headline act … can,t wait for this years.

Saturday Night after the ritual …

“Magic occurs at those moments when we feel a deep connection with the Universe. Sometimes this happens spontaneously, through a profound experience such as falling in love, or witnessing a particularly beautiful expression of Nature. But for those of us who are practicing Magicians, we can choose to develop this connection through the power of our Will, and through focusing on positive outcomes. A lot of the power of Magic comes from awareness, of both your surroundings, and your own inner workings. The more we connect with the natural world, the more refined our awareness of energy becomes.

I practice Magic and ritual in a very intuitive, natural, and improvised way. For me, Magic is a daily practice, rather than something reserved just for the Full Moon or seasonal Sabbats. Magic is something that flows through every moment of our lives. I think that the most important aspect of the way that we practice our Spiritual path is simply in the way that we perceive and think about Life and the Universe. It’s about being open to the wonder of Life and of Nature. It’s noticing the flow and energy around events and people and the interconnectedness of all.

Wendy is also running several workshops over the weekend so be sure to check the schedule for those.

What’s it all about?

Beltane is a time to celebrate the magic of community and everything that means. We invite you to get into the spirit by dressing up as a modern pagan or in some traditional ancient costume and simply having fun. Forget everyday life and take a step back, forward or sideways in time to when music and dance were/are a way of life and a shared community event.

For Saturday Night Ritual, exciting and appropriate robes would be magnificent.

The idea behind the festival is to immerse yourself in the celebration of the good things in life, those special moments we often take for granted, time spent outdoors getting back in touch with nature, time with friends, both new and old, and the simple things in life we have forgotten.

Experience music entertainment, dancing, educational stalls, creative workshops, roving entertainers, circus skills, fire show, fairy stalls, yummy food also catering for vegan and gluten free.

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Plenty of Camping Onsite

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Fire Ceremony | Community Feast



You will also find The Witches Market

In the Spirit of Beltane, this year we are celebrating the New Witches Market as a part of our celebration of all things Pagan.

So for all of you Wizards, Witches, Warlocks, Wise One and everybody else you can get your Christmas supplies, gifts and hand crafted hexes alike.

It’s a fun market with a difference that is open to all.




Costumes Encouraged


  • Beltane Fire Ceremony
  • Ritual
  • Saturday Night Community Feast
  • Speakers and Workshops
  • Stall Holders
  • Live Music and Dance
  • Fire Twirling
  • Maypole
  • Hand Fasting Ceremonies
  • Family Friendly Event
  • Onsite Camping

Rocky Creek Campgrounds – Beerwah

General Admission

Book Your Tickets

Book Early, we have ticket choices to suit your needs.

  • Single
  • Family
  • Day Tickets
  • Weekend Tickets (Includes Camping)

Plenty of Camping Onsite

Powered & Non-powered

For more information on Stallholder Bookings or other details contact us via our Facebook page or call Wayne on 0415 800 888