Saturday Night

Saturday night we will celebrate like the Pagans of old, the turning of the seasons. They enjoyed four Major and four Minor Celebrations. Beltane is one of those Major Festivals, along with Samhain (sow-en)  the beginning of Winter, Imbolg (Im-olg) the beginning of Spring and Lughnassad (loo-na-sah) at the beginning of Autumn. All of these Festivals helped to maintain the community’s connection to the rhythms of Nature upon which they, and we totally depend and to which we are inextricably connected. Our modern way of life has robbed us of that intimate connection, so we invite you to join with us through this Beltane Ritual to reconnect if only for a moment with the cycles of the seasons and with our mother the Earth.

To kick off events after the sun goes down join us as we gather around the fire and participate in the Ritual that is Beltane. A Magickal celebration of community and oneness.

Saturday is a day of events that builds in the evening with a Community Feast suitable for the whole family. Festival days were feast days when the community would come together to celebrate the harvest.

Fire Twirlers & Dance Party. After the Ceremony & Feast we continue on into the night with entertainment & dancing or just sit around the fire, chat & celebrate with friends.

Stallholder, Speaker, Performer and Workshop spots available, message us for an application form.

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Join us and celebrate.